TRI-X ceramic filters

Patented cleaning system for crystal clear and clear water. To enjoy your spa and regeneration properly, clean water is a must. Take advantage of the innovative care system with exclusive Tri-X® ceramic filters and you will have almost no worries about water purity!

Only HIGHLIFE whirlpools offer a 100% no-bypass filter and efficient filtration with the Tri-X® filter. The Tri-X® filter is very easy to clean in the dishwasher. The number of filters is adapted to the performance of the jet pumps to ensure balanced filtration. All water passes through the filter even when the nozzles are on.
To ensure complete water management and crystal clear water, the Ever Fresh® system is still available on all HIGHLIFE models. This system further facilitates cleaning and minimizes the use of disinfectants.

To keep the water in your whirlpool clear and clear, HotSpring® has developed special ceramic Tri-X filters. These filters have far better filtering capabilities than conventional cartridge filters, as well as a larger filter area. The frequency and duration of use of the spa, as well as the number of people using it, determine the period of filter cleaning. More frequent and intensive use requires more frequent filter cleaning.

TRI-X ceramic filters:

* Extended life of 3-5 years
* Special antibacterial ceramic fibers
* Double filter surface 50Sq
* Revolutionary 3D filter system
* Nano coating technology
* Dishwasher filter cleaning (deep cleaning)
* Filter Cleaner (HotSpring® Cleaners)
* Easy FilterCap® replacement

Experience the quality of TRI-X ceramic filters for yourself and start enjoying your whirlpool bath in crystal clear water!