Private wellness

Realize complete wellness from your imagination, through layout drawings to the actual implementation. You can choose from a wealth of wellness attractions.

Your Wellness can include the following treatments: swimming pool, whirlpool, steam room, sauna, infrared cabin, cold room, kneipp path, adventure showers, rest room, relaxation chairs, everything depends on your choice.

Our sales representatives and designers will be happy to help you choose the products for your wellness.


Reliability, energy and performance efficiency, operator comfort and innovation – all these are the characteristics of the Artesian Spas whirlpools that we have maintained and built for over 30 years. Whilst Artesian Spas are among the most expensive, they contain technology and innovations that you would hardly find for competitive products.

Stainless steel swimming pools

Stainless steel pools are becoming more and more popular for their durability, quick installation, easy maintenance and above all for simple and modern control of all processes associated with their cleaning and operation.

Whether public swimming pools in water parks, schools, sports and rehabilitation facilities, hotels and spas, or family swimming pools, whirlpools, baby and infant pools, paddling pools, cooling pools, etc., it is always necessary to closely monitor and maintain water quality and technology of its modification.


We offer quality classical saunas and infrared saunas, infra cabins, sauna houses and accessories for saunas and saunas. We provide sales, installation, and service. Professional approach and consultancy will help you to make your decision in the realization of your sauna so that it fully meets your needs and requirements. When designing and manufacturing saunas, we cooperate exclusively with the Finnish designer TIMO NAKARI. Thanks to this we can offer our clients top-quality, unique design and a five-year warranty.


Saunas technology based on infrared radiation is quite new. In the infrared cabin is a source of infrared radiation, which does not heat the surrounding air, but directly objects that come in his way. Infra-red panels placed in an infrared cabin operate on the same principle as the Sun, which penetrates the atmosphere and warms the Earth. Compared to a classic sauna, the infrared sauna offers less energy requirements. It also works at lower temperatures, usually 30 – 50 ° C, and does not cause excessive sweating when used.

Steam bath

Spa & Wellness brings innovation to the wellness area with HAMMAM or a Turkish steam bath. A steam box perfectly relaxes your airways and your entire body. A pleasant addition will be the subtle aroma of aromatherapy. The maximum temperature is controlled up to 60 ° C and the standard humidity is 70 – 90%. We supply the cabs according to your requirements or you can choose from three standard designs.

Kneipp path

It consists of two or more tanks, alternating between hot and cold water. In one tank the water temperature is about 40C, in the other the water temperature is about 12C, when the client walks in the tank with hot water for about 1 minute and then walks for about 5 seconds in cold water. This cycle is repeated several times. The main effect of this procedure is to improve new blood flow and improve metabolic and circulatory functions.

Experience and cooling showers

You can choose from two options. Combination of hot water with fragrant essence or cold water, where you will refresh a fine mist of cold water. These showers are suitable for clients who do not like large shock shocks of temperature differences after the sauna.