Tailored aquariums

The company “Revolutionary aquarium system” was established as a union of people who have been connected with aquarists for many years. And it wasn’t a coincidence, but a thoughtful strategy to show the end customer the beauty of aquarists… hidden to someone yet.

Our story can be dated back to 1991, but everything started much earlier. Each of our colleagues and employees has come to this field in a different way. Someone, as a little boy, studied atlas fish and at the age of 18, he began to breed and sell fish. Another has been fascinated by the glass for 20 years. Specifically, glass bonding and its technological advancement. Therefore, we try to make the most of our knowledge and we want to move aquaristics somewhere further. We are not a big company. On the contrary, we are proud to keep the know-how among 10 employees and therefore are personally responsible for our work.

We specialize in the complete implementation of top natural, marine and biotope aquariums. What we really excel in is the preparation and processing of glass. Its individual gluing in our workshop is performed exclusively by hand. Manual work and personal supervision of individual pieces today is not a common matter, but from experience, we know that this is the best way to do a precise job. We have experts in freshwater and marine aquariums. This is the only way to create unique design aquariums based on detailed observation of natural patterns.

We do what we enjoy and we want to do well.

NATURE WALL by Revolutionary aquarium system

Luxury accessory for interior

Whether it is the space of your apartment, office, reception or waiting room for clients, natureWall is a unique choice that can take the interior impression to a whole new level. It is an element to which you and visitors will always and happily return.

A living ecosystem will improve your environment

The connection with nature has undoubtedly beneficial effects on your daily life. For example, do you know that according to the Chinese teaching of Feng Shui, an indoor aquarium is almost a necessity? It has a very positive effect on performance and concentration as well as on the ability to relax. The right energy flow supported by the water element brings good luck and success.

Powerful technology concealed in an elegant design

All the technology required to operate the aquarium is hidden in its hinged frame. No more cables, tubing, and motors will spoil the aesthetic impression of installation. The aquarium does not have to worry anymore – we will ensure its complete service by our specialists at your place! You just enjoy the perfect effect.



We attach the luxury NatureWall aquarium to any type of wall. Depending on the type of wall, we select the appropriate number of wall plugs and their placement. You do not have to worry even when placing the aquarium natureWall in plasterboard walls or wooden buildings. If you are not sure where to place the aquarium within your interior, please contact us for precise visualization of your chosen locations. Easily together we choose the best place for your natureWall.


The water tank is set in an elegant frame that simply hangs on the wall as a live image. Cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium are carried out simply by tilting the design frame. Thanks to its economic dimensions, the aquarium can also be placed in smaller apartments. Forget old unsightly cabinets and decorate your home with timeless NatureWall aquariums.


The unique two-chamber filtration solution combines a unique design with modern technology in the NatureWall. This will greatly simplify your aquarium care, even if natureWall is your first aquarium experience. Exclusively you have the opportunity to use our service kit, which we have prepared based on years of experience in the care of aquariums.


NatureWall’s unique wall aquarium is a real gem among design interior accessories. You can choose any color variant of the frame, which we will exclusively produce for you in high piano luster. Stand out from your aquarium neighbor and get an aquarium that tunes your interior to perfection.


Care for the aquarium natureWall is important as it is a living and constantly changing organism. In order to save you time in today’s hectic times, we will provide professional monthly service for you. You will be able to see how beautiful the aquarium prosperous and you do not have to worry about anything at all. In case you want to take care of yourselves, we guarantee the offer of regular annual service for the replenishment of animals and complete cleaning of the aquarium and we will also add a complete manual to the aquarium and show you how to proceed.


NatureWall acts like a natural ecosystem where the solar cycle is copied. The lighting is therefore automatically switched within the set period. For representative purposes outside the time of automatic lighting is also ready for you switched LED lighting. Do you return from business trips at different times and want to comfortably light up and relax your aquarium at any time? Then this solution is just for you. Plus … you don’t have to think about turning it off again … the aquarium will turn itself off …


Preparation and processing of glass, it’s individual gluing in our workshop are performed exclusively by hand. Manual work and personal supervision of individual pieces are more expensive today, but the machine does not replace personal experience and diligence.


We will bring the wall aquarium to your home and attach it to your chosen location. The installation will not take more than two hours for our technicians. We will prepare everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about anything.