Pool with counterflow Fastlane

A home pool or at least a garden pool is no longer just a matter of the rich. Increasingly, even the average earners take their own bathing in various forms. Luxury pools with counter-current Endless Pools, introduced on the Czech market for the first time, are a unique system of swimming pools and technology that allows you to transform your swimming pool from passive entertainment to a place for active fitness training, rest, rehabilitation and exercise for your entire family.
At the beginning of everything was the idea of ​​simulating the river as much as possible and realizing it at home in a small space. It was created more than half a century ago in Arizona, but it did not take real shape until the late 1980s when the first Endless Pools was introduced at Columbia University. He immediately recorded success, allowing him to swim in a minimum of space, actually in one place and still swim a few kilometers. Over time, it has undergone technological development and today has no competition in the area of ​​counterflow pools.

Unique features of Endless Pools – pool with counterflow

Two pools are unique in the pools with Endless Pools. Thanks to the technology used, you will really swim like in a flowing river, without constant entrainment to one side, as is the case with other similar devices. The second advantage is their variability. The swimming pools, which we supply in three different designs, can fit in the minimum space of your backyard or garage. The main advantage is that the Countercurrent system called Fastlane can be easily placed in your existing pool or moved as required. It works simply as an accessory and was created for those who like to return to a traditional pool, but also want to swim and be in good shape.

Turn your garden pool into an endless river with a countercurrent. Two features are unique to Endless Pools. Thanks to the technology used, you will really swim like a flowing river, without constant entrainment to one side, as the case with other similar devices. The second advantage is their variability. Endless Pools

Endless Pools

Our distinctive product, the Original Endless Pools, is designed to fit almost everywhere, whether outside or inside. Thanks to its modular design it can be assembled in existing interior spaces. All parts of the Original Endless Pools pool pass through doors and stairs without problems. The modular design also allows different pool sizes, from 2.14m x 3.66m to 3.05m x 4.88m at a depth of up to 1.83m. It was this adaptability that allowed sixteen thousand customers to realize their dreams and swim at the Original Endless Pool. With the Original Endless Pool, you decide on aesthetics.

In addition to the standard offer, the customer can also choose an individual finishing around the pool and its lining. With the use of premium vinyl siege inside steel panels, you don’t have to worry about mold. You can choose the size of Original Endless Pools according to your requirements. In the case of dual-powered pools, two swimmers can swim at the same time. The Elite Pool offers a maximum swimming speed of 100 meters per minute and five seconds and is a challenge for professionals. It is recommended by many top coaches and professionals.

Swim Spa

Make the most of your stay outdoors in your garden with a pool and spa in one. Swim, exercise and make better use of your free time spent with family and friends. Our perfectly shaped acrylic pool or SwimSpa with therapeutic jet seats, underwater life belt, and Endless Pools swimming stream will turn your home into an oasis, with year-round exercise, relaxation, and fun.

The Endless Pools SwimSpa is available in three sizes and fits virtually anywhere. Once delivered to the destination, the pool is ready for immediate connection and can be placed on any suitable flat surface. Built-in stairs allow easy access and are practical not only if you decide to embed the pool and build around it as a terrace. Our Swim Spa includes perfect hydrotherapy on up to two ergonomically shaped seats and water lighting.

You can then turn the underwater treadmill on or off or set the optional Endless Pools with the remote control. At the push of a button, you can adjust the speed of the stream from a pace suitable for less demanding breaststroke style to a pace of 100 m per minute and fifteen seconds, which is a challenge for more demanding swimmers.


Fastlane is a counterflow that can be mounted in any garden pool, newly built or existing, regardless of shape or size, and transform it into Endless Pools. Fastlane is controlled remotely, speed can be varied up to fifty degrees. The system is easy to use and use regardless of your age or swimming skills, whether you are a beginner or an Olympic racer. Fastlane is not only for swimming but also for aquaerobics, jogging in water, rehabilitation, therapy or for family fun. Everyone enjoys playing in the stream! Endless Pools offers two different Fastlane models – Deck Mount Fastlane and Wall Mount Fastlane. Both models are available in two colors: blue and silver. The only difference is the method of attachment to the pool.

How does your Endless Pools work?

The heart of every Endless Pool is a small but powerful hydraulic water motor that drives a 40.6 cm propeller located in the front of the pool, inside a protective case. The propeller pushes up to 22,700 liters of water per minute through a grid that straightens and smoothes the water. The result is a river-like current whose speed, from slow to racing pace, can be adjusted with the remote control.

The swimming pool of the Endless Pools is much stronger than jet pools. Jet pools pump only a few liters of water per minute through high-pressure jets. The current is then rotating and, despite the use of multiple nozzles, very narrow. Conversely, all Endless Pools products are equipped with our proprietary patented system that creates an ideally wide, deep, non-rotating swim current that is both wider than your body and deeper than the pace of swimming. It does not form waves or bubbles, which is great for swimming, exercise, and physiotherapy. Significantly surpasses other counter-currents. Take advantage of our testing center!

Swimming: Great movement

Few fitness exercises can compete with swimming and its benefits for the cardiovascular system and muscles around the spine. Swimming strengthens multiple muscle groups at the same time as almost no other form of exercise. It is, therefore, one of the most effective activities. When you swim, you burn as many calories as you do with other aerobic sports without the risk of injuring your muscles, bones, tendons, and joints, which are caused by tension and constant bumps. Swimming in the Endless Pools is an activity you can enjoy all year round.

Rehabilitation and therapy

Therapy in water speeds up healing. In the pool, injured people can exercise with a wider range of movement without the risk of injury or recovery of the old. The activity itself promotes faster blood movement at the site of the wound, so the wound heals more quickly. Water pressure minimizes swelling. Water therapy in the Endless Pools pool is beneficial for people with chronic muscle or joint pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and patients with orthopedic dysfunctions. Many owners of Endless Pools have recovered much more quickly after a hip or knee transplant due to the pool at home.

Exercise in water

You don’t have to be a swimmer to take advantage of the Endless Pools. Exercise in water is suitable for all ages, regardless of ability or physical disposition. If you like a particular sport, you can practice the movements associated with that sport in the water. For example, runners can run, footballers kick and tennis players train forehand and backhand with water resistance. It’s a great way to increase your strength!


The Endless Pools is the number one home swimming pool for triathletes. Athletes can watch their swim in an optional bottom mirror that allows them to repair and refine their technique. Strong current provides an optimal training environment. With Endless Pools, busy triathletes and passionate swimmers can enjoy the advantage of swimming at home, according to their own schedule.

… and fun

Of course, the whole family can swim in the Endless Pools pool. Children will be excited about swimming and playing in the stream… even a pet can take a bath in the pool. Endless Pools can help your family stay fit and have fun… together ..