Stainless steel swimming pools

Stainless steel swimming pools define beautiful design, the highest quality of quality, long life and all from environmentally friendly materials. Whatever your requirements, stainless steel pools safely outperform them.

We provide design, manufacture, installation and service of stainless steel swimming pools, including a comprehensive supply of water treatment technology, all according to the customer. In addition to high-quality materials, we place great emphasis on the attractiveness of the pool. A family or public pool is not just a tank with tempered and purified water. In today’s design, it is aesthetically pleasing and designed with various water attractions and fitness accessories.

Advantages of stainless steel pools

  • almost unlimited lifespan many times higher than that of other materials used for swimming pools
  • environmentally friendly material
  • simple and quick construction preparation
  • short implementation time
  • Possibility of placement even in hard-to-reach areas (cellars, roofs, etc.)
  • the permanence of the surface of the material that does not age does not crack and retains its original appearance
  • possibility of additional installation of swimming pool accessories
  • crystal clear water
  • minimum demands on operation and maintenance
  • easy cleaning of hygienically safe material,
  • on which the lashes do not settle

Accessories for stainless steel pools and water attractions

  • lighting effects (scenic and spatial lighting) above and below the surface
  • sound effects – underwater neo-speakers (perfect listening even at 15 m distance)
  • all-pool flow (even if the pool is up to 5 m long, you will swim 50 m to climb it)
  • combined swimming pool with different heated water for a relaxation zone
  • air massage bench with comfortable headrest
  • hydromassage jets with seats
  • water baby toys
  • air beads
  • bottom beads
  • gargoyles, water cannons
  • reflective and bouncy boards
  • starting blocks

Stainless steel swimming pools – production, installation, and service

Description of construction

  1. The side walls are mostly made of smooth one-sided brushed metal, where the upper part forms the so-called overflow edge of the pool, over which the water is poured into a trough covered with the gridiron. The overflow edge also serves as a catching edge. This system ensures noiseless drainage of water into the overflow trough.
  2. The overflow troughs are made to ensure 100% drainage of the pool water and are covered with grids made of polypropylene, resp. stainless steel.
  3. Water circulation in the pool is ensured by a system of adjustable bottom nozzles, which are also made of stainless steel, which ensure 100% water exchange throughout the pool area without any dead spots.
  4. The pool bottom is made of stainless steel sheet with a non-slip tread at a depth of less than 900 mm, and a smooth surface at a greater depth.
  5. All entrances to the pool (stairs) and railings are also made of stainless steel with a tread pattern.
  6. Accessories – eg starting blocks, handles, benches, gargoyles,…, are in most cases a fixed part of the pool.
  7. In comparison to other available materials for the construction of swimming pools, stainless steel materials are almost comparable in price today and exhibit many times longer lifetime and quality.