Basalt furniture

Basalt furniture the [BLACK] series

It combines Nordic design, new materials, aesthetics, and functionality to create beautiful and unique pieces of lava furniture.

Lava is also known as volcanic basalt. It is a rock and has a very long life. The basalt is stored in the upper mantle of the Earth until it is driven to the surface by volcanic forces to collect it. Once the stones have melted, they become liquid and subsequently this mass can be processed and shaped by hand.

The basalt’s strength and flexibility provide endless possibilities in the creative process. No one else in the world works in lava production, which adds to the uniqueness of our products.

Enjoy the strange and fascinating world of lava furniture.

Raimonds Cirulis is the creator of the [BLACK] series - the first and only place in the world where basalt fibers are transformed into designer furniture. the[BLACK]series

Volcanic origin

Basalt lava is very strong, flows slowly and creates up to 20 km long lava flows. When quickly cooled, its nets form stunning hexagonal columns. Basalt is a magmatic rock of the Earth’s surface, forming virtually the entire ocean floor and largely the Earth’s crust.



Basalt stones are extracted in Belarus. Since 80% of the earth’s lava stones are basalt, the source is great. But, like other terrestrial raw materials, it narrows because it is necessary to choose the right lava stone for production.


The stones heat up to 1450 degrees Celsius. The liquid mass is then pressed through the nozzles to obtain long fibers. After the fibers have cooled, we start to create furniture. The bio-resin binds the fibers together.

Hand made

The unique weaving technique used to create the [BLACK] series products is extremely demanding and currently there are no technologies available that would allow the automated production of this type of furniture, meaning that each piece is handmade from the beginning to even. This allows all emotions and feelings of the weaver to become part of the design. As a result, each design is unique, each piece of furniture is different, and every woven piece is perfectly handled.

2010 Design Award – 3rd Prize (Lucky Whale)
2011 Design Award – 2nd Audience Choice Prize (LuckyWhale and Mono Table)
2011 Deco Design Award – 2nd Prize (Manu King)