Countercurrent to the pool, swimming pools with countercurrent

Do you want not only to relax but also to relax actively? Take a look at our counter-current swimming pools. It creates a current in the pool and you can swim without swimming at the end of the pool. You can regulate the water flow. The pool itself is no longer the privilege of the richest. And if you really want to use the pool, countercurrent is the ideal solution for you. A counter-current can also be built into your existing pool.

Fitness in the pool with counterflow

Even if you only have a small pool, you can really swim in it. A counter-current to the pool simulates a river current. It drives a stream of water and you swim at the same place. You do not have to turn around. Thanks to the regulation and easy current control, you can create your own training plan. The power of the current determines the intensity of your swimming. It is up to you and your current mood, what intensity of the countercurrent in the pool you set. Countercurrent is also used for fitness in the pool. You can walk, run or just have a massage. Make the most of your pool.