Steam rooms

Spa & Wellness brings innovation to the wellness area with HAMMAM.


or a Turkish steam bath, which perfectly relaxes your airways and your entire body. A pleasant addition will be the subtle aroma of aromatherapy. The maximum temperature is controlled up to 60 ° C and the standard humidity is 70 – 90%. We supply the cabs according to your requirements.

Steam room – aroma:

Temperature approx. 40 – 50 ° C.
The humidity reaches 90 – 100%.

The body does not warm up as hard as when the sauna. The effect of a hot steam bath is increased when the steam is enriched with fragrant essence, providing an optimal environment for effective treatment of respiratory problems and overall relaxation.

The steam bath opens the pores, helps to relax the airways, contributes to the regeneration of the muscles, alleviates the overall fatigue, positively influences the overall blood flow of the body, its detoxification has a beneficial effect on the joints and can relieve rheumatic problems. The steam room is best suited to combine with other relaxation activities.

Salt bath

Temperature approx. 30 ° C.
Humidity reaches 45%.

Low-temperature bath, combining heat and sea salt solution to be dosed. It is effective in releasing and improving airway activity, the main effect is intensive blood circulation in the body and harmonization of individual organs in the body.


Temperature approx. 37 – 45 ° C.
The humidity reaches 35 – 100%.

Classic comfortable bath with a water bath and aromatic essences with a positive effect on the airways. Heat is evenly radiated from the walls and floor.


Temperature 30 – 40 ° C.
The humidity reaches 35 – 45%.

The low-temperature steam bath of the Turkish type serves for gentle and gentle warming of the whole body. The heat is evenly radiated from the walls, floor and bench. It is invigorating to the body and yet particularly gentle, without the extreme burden of blood circulation, ideal for regeneration. Also suitable for cardiac and small children.


Temperature approx. 50 – 70 ° C.
Humidity reaches 30 – 40%.

Suitable for people who do not like high temperatures in the sauna. During the treatment, the muscles are relaxed and harmful toxic substances are released by intensive sweating, suitable for detoxifying the body and regulating blood pressure.


The temperature reaches 34 – 40 ° C.
Humidity 50 – 100%.

Moroccan mud clay is applied to the body. This procedure is associated with steam heating, used for the overall cleansing of the body and hair, has a detoxifying effect. Cleans and tightens pores and nourishes the skin. It helps to remove and remove toxins from the skin.


Temperature approx. 50 ° C.
The humidity reaches 90%.

Masseur performs peeling with a special washcloth that perfectly removes old skin. Relaxation occurs after the final soap massage. Staying in a hammam relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.
You will feel the tradition of the Turkish bath in the interior of the hammam, which is lined with a beautifully decorated mosaic or stone cladding.