Cooling rooms

Ochlazení těla po saunování zajistí správnou regeneraci Vašeho organismu

Cooling rooms

The sauna also includes cooling (cooling pools or vats, buckets, shower, well, but also be a river, fountain or frigidarium).

After heating the body in the sauna should be followed by a rapid cooling phase (under the shower, in the cooling pool, natural pond, in a cooling vat …) at a water temperature of 7-12 ° C (recommended max. 3 minutes), or in winter snow, in the river, or in a hollow of ice. Everyone should approach the cooling of the body individually if the feeling of sufficient cooling of the body it is necessary to end the cooling phase. Cooling causes the blood vessels to contract and returns blood circulation to a stable, natural state. You can speed up the recovery of the “chilled” blood circulation, for example, by using a warm foot bath, or before bathing your body, use bathing shoes to ensure thermal regulation of your body.

Cooling pool

It is the most common method of cooling after a profound sauna and is designed to cool the body within the sauna procedure. Cooling rapidly pulls the capillaries extended by staying in the heating chamber, helping to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. At the same time, there is blood supply and massage of internal organs. The way of use is for each individual (as well as stay in the sauna cabin) and it is necessary to use the pool with caution, before use we recommend a consultation with an expert. After heating the body in the sauna should be followed by a rapid cooling phase, for example in a cooling pool at a water temperature of 7-12 ° C.

The use of the cooling pool is one of the most used types of cooling after the sauna. No other way of cooling down after a sauna or steam bath can match a dive into a pool full of ice water. The cooling pool is very comfortable for cooling the organism, ensures comfortable use and can have many interesting designs.

Cooling pools can be smaller only for immersion, or even larger for the possibility of swimming, a few temps. Cooling pools are always the pride of the entire wellness.

The stylish cooling pool can be made of stainless steel, plastic, composite material, but many other variants can be used. The pool has the great advantage that it can be integrated into different spaces without the need for a support structure. By means of a supporting structure, it can also be built freely in rooms or outdoors. From the outside, there is the possibility of lining the pool with materials similar to the interior design of your wellness area or the exterior of your building.

Cooling pools can be equipped with sand filtration, thermo-insulating cover, cooling device, dosing device, but also heating for permanent use in winter (if they are located outdoors).

Cooling bucket

A water temperature of approx. 10 ° C is one of the most classic ways of cooling when you topple a bucket of ice water. The bucket is made of solid German turbot wood with a float water refill. Precise handwork, multi-layer paint with high resistance suitable for interior. Perfect workmanship, stainless steel supporting side handles – suitable for private and commercial operations. The set includes an inlet valve, a cable tie, a stainless steel bracket, clamps, and instructions. The outer volume of the complete bucket is approx. 29 l, capacity max. 18 l water.

Ice Well / Fountain

It produces flake ice, which will help you cool your body in one of the mildest ways. It improves the blood circulation of the organism and strengthens your immunity. The ice well consists of two parts. An icebox that produces ice flakes from freshwater, and a well that collects ice. The ice well is filled with crushed ice to cool down in the right places. Choose the quantity that suits you and cool down where you need it most. The ice remains soft and free from sharp edges, so you don’t have to worry about scratching or any other injury. Local cooling does not bring such a shock to the body, therefore it is more suitable for more sensitive individuals. It is also the most hygienic way of cooling.

The design, materials used and the appearance of the well depends on the client’s requirements and suitability for use. Choose the shape, color or backlight so that it perfectly complements the atmosphere of your wellness.


It is a room with a lower temperature, used to cool the body after warming up in saunas.
It is a combination of a cooling pool with a water temperature of 8-12 ° C, a cooling shower with cold water, an ice fountain with an ice spray, which you rub against your body while cooling.

During the cooling process, you should not feel the feeling of winter and the length of stay is recommended according to the needs of each of us. To relax there is a wooden three-story bench, where you can lie down and sit down.

Experience shower

The body warmed in the sauna cabin should be rinsed with a jet of water to wash away dirt, grease, and pollutants from the expanded skin pores.
Those who are not comfortable with cold water in the cooling pool can use experience showers with the choice of water temperature.

We offer experience showers with the possibility of massage jets, the attraction of tropical rain and drizzle of fine water droplets that you do not even feel on your body, but perfectly refresh you.

Another possible equipment is Chromotherapy, color light therapy. It uses colors and light to balance energy in the human body and to supplement it mentally, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It is a combination of color, light and combined with water offers an unforgettable experience.

This form of cooling is ideal for children, beginners or for moderate cooling after a stay in the sauna or steam cabin.