Sitting bags Sakypaky

Czech sitting bags filled with optimism

he first SAKYPAKY was produced in 2002, at a time when the seat bags were not even widespread. We invent, sew, pack, send … We have our own studio in which we produce a smaller series of bags. If we have a larger order, we work in cooperation with larger sewing workshops in the Czech Republic. Sakypaky products are completely manufactured in the Czech Republic.

SakyPaky INONO

You can see the INONO product line in our showroom and in the photo gallery below

INONO seats and stools are crafted products of top quality. This is a custom production with a delivery date of 3-8 weeks according to the selected material. We will have an individual approach to each of your requirements to work together to fine-tune the seats to your liking.

For the year 2019, we finally include 4 top materials of the Spanish company CREVIN with a 5-year warranty divided into 3 price levels. Materials are dirty and machine washable.

Each material is offered in a wide range of colors.

In case of your interest, we are able to lend you (for a deposit) to your home, where you can choose, or fine-tune the right color with your designer.

Most INONO seats are also available in an exterior version of high UV-resistant material. Seats can then be placed and used directly by the pool.

The exterior variants of the seats also offer accessories such as wooden base (grate), which protects the seats from getting wet from the bottom, or raincoats for winterizing and 100% protection in bad weather.

When purchasing INONO products, we also offer you service at any time in the future by refilling and cleaning/changing the covers. This will ensure that your session is always new.

(Service is a service that is not included in the price of the product.)

Whenever we are ready to advise you on the choice of the appropriate type and color or modify the existing models to perfectly match your interior.


Today they attack you from all sides with the best price, subject to more action and promise the first last. We at SAKYPAKY have decided to pamper you with quality and comfort. Our products are for real connoisseurs


SAKYPAKY sofas are designed for you by a team of Czech designers. They are young, playful, fantasy and emphasize practicality.


We have an individual approach to a company that needs to equip a public space with several seating bags, but also to a specific customer who is looking for one original custom-made bag.


Once you become a customer of SAKYPAKA, we will pamper you. Immediately after your first purchase, you have discounted goods and services. Your satisfaction is our joy.

We enjoy it

From the beginning, we enjoy this work incredibly. Only with us, we are able to fill bags in addition to polystyrene balls also optimism and joy. We are pleased that our products make people happy and basically help them to make homes a little bit.