we produce with the utmost care using the most modern, wholesome technology. According to your wish, we will equip the sauna with the exact number of benches and use the required materials. Infrared saunas are often purchased in combination with a classic sauna, especially for the choice of two different technologies. An infrared sauna is also preferred where ordinary saunas are not recommended by a doctor.


Temperature approx. 40 ° C – 60 ° C.
The humidity reaches 10%.

Saunas technology based on infrared radiation is quite new. In the infrared cabin is a source of infrared radiation, which does not heat the surrounding air, but directly objects that come in his way. Infra-red panels placed in an infrared cabin operate on the same principle as the Sun, which penetrates the atmosphere and warms the Earth. Compared to a classic sauna, the infrared sauna offers fewer energy requirements. It also works at lower temperatures, usually 30 – 50 ° C, and does not cause excessive sweating when used.