AAPO Hot tubs

If you are thinking about an outdoor hot tub and don’t like a classic spa in the exterior, think about our new economic Finnish spa that fits perfectly in any garden.

AAPO Hot tubs quality Finnish bath

The interiors of the AAPO Hot Tubs were designed together with experienced Finnish manufacturers of plastic products. Their purpose was to create comfort for users and give the product a valuable look.

The main advantages of our Finnish spa are excellent ergonomics, sufficient depth, affordability, and clean design.

The spa consists of an internal bathtub made of high-quality and durable PE plastic and wooden paneling, in both cases, we offer more color variants.
The heating will take care of wood stoves with an output of 30kW or 35kW.

Finnish spas can be complemented with beverage cartridges that add dignity to spas and prevent beverages from entering the water.
Optional accessories are also three-step steps, coordinated with the color of the lining are not only decoration but mainly a practical accessory, which ensures comfortable and safe entry and exit from the bath. For added safety, they can be fitted with a wooden handle.

Technical info

  • for 6 people
  • outside diameter 178 cm
  • inside diameter 170 cm
  • the height of the wall part is 68 cm inside
  • the total height of the bathtub is 113 cm
  • table width 33 cm
  • leg diameter 93 cm
  • water capacity approx. 1400 l (depends on the number of bathers)
  • weight 170 kg (barrel + stove)
  • stove output is 30 kW or 35 kW
  • outer material 20 x 90 panel of heat-treated wood
  • dark walnut lining color, gray composites
  • inner material PE plastic
  • colors black, gray, granite, blue