Swim Cross X500 SwimSpa line SwimCross Exercise System

Choice of cabinets / Dark Mocha

Alpine White / Choice of shells

SwimCross Exercise System X500

  • Number of persons: 3
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 458 x 226 x 132 cm
  • Weight: 1230/ 8260 kg
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  • Wellness just the way you need it

    Nothing is more refreshing and will not deliver as much energy as swimming or practicing aquatic fitness in the privacy and comfort of home. Endless Pools®, the creators of SwimCrossTM Exercise Systems, are introducing the X500.

    The large X500 was designed not only for visual effect but also for all levels of users to allow everyone to exercise. With its generous area for swimming and exercise, aquatic fitness, along with easy entry and a variable counter jet system, the X500 adds a whole new level to home wellness. It is time to incorporate active exercise into your life.

    As with the E-Series, the Swim Cross Exercise X500 can be supplemented with other training aids such as a rowing machine, a swimming harness that improves stability and helps keep your body swimming in the middle of a stream of water and a mirror to the bottom for perfect swimming style control.

    A great music experience will be complemented by an optional music system equipped with eight speakers and a Bluetooth® subwoofer.

    Another optional feature is the Wifi module, which is used to control the device through the application in smartphones, tablets, etc., within a local or global network.

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