Finnish saunas on a turnkey basis

If you wish to have your own sauna, you have a clear idea, but at the same time little time, so we offer you the realization of a luxury home Finnish sauna on a turnkey basis. We will come to you to carefully survey the area where the sauna is to be located. Then, in cooperation with the sauna designer, we will design a sauna that will meet all your requirements and wishes. We will produce all components and we will supply the whole sauna including accessories on a turnkey basis. You can do your own things and then just enjoy the luxury provided by the home Finnish sauna.

Finnish sauna, infrared cabin or sauna house?

With us, everyone really chooses. We will meet the requirements of even the most demanding client. We will be happy to advise you when choosing the perfect Finnish sauna for your apartment or another alternative. It is up to you and your wishes.

Finnish sauna

Temperature approx. 90 – 120 ° C.
Humidity reaches 5-10%.

Our company aims to supply customers with the best saunas produced directly to the customer’s wishes. According to your wishes, we will supply a sauna of the required size, with a sufficient number of loungers, made using suitable materials and suitable design to serve and bring you joy for decades every day. This is also related to our strategy to provide flexible services and strive to meet all requirements.

Soft sauna

Temperature approx. 40 – 50 ° C.
Humidity reaches 40-50%.

The soft sauna offers lower temperature and higher humidity than in the classical Finnish sauna. It is intended for all who cannot use the Finnish sauna for health reasons, but also for those who are not comfortable with the high temperature in the sauna. It works best on the cardiovascular system and the upper airways.

Combined sauna

The combination of two different technologies is always difficult, and this is true in all possible fields. The combination of different types of saunas is the ideal custom-made result for both household and public use.

Saunas are characterized by high-quality materials and world-class design, featuring the best technologies. Such a sauna can provide exceptional features of a classic Finnish sauna with the amazing benefits of infrared cabins. In addition, there is the possibility of adding salt therapy.


Temperature approx. 40 ° C – 60 ° C.
The humidity reaches 10%.

Saunas technology based on infrared radiation is quite new. In the infrared cabin, there is a source of infrared radiation, which does not heat the surrounding air, but directly the objects that come in its way. The infrared cabins operate on the same principle as the Sun, which penetrates the atmosphere and warms the Earth. Compared to a classic sauna, the infrared sauna offers fewer energy requirements. It also works at lower temperatures, usually 30 – 50 ° C, and does not cause excessive sweating when used.

Sauna house

Sauna houses are for those who crave a sauna but do not have much space inside the house. Also, sauna houses are recommended to clients with plenty of space in the garden.

For the production of houses, we use high-quality wood, perfect insulation and use only proven technologies. However, the method of sauna depends only on you – we insist on a personal approach to finding the optimal solution. Certainly your sauna feeling will be intensified by looking out the window at the snow-covered hill beyond the garden or forest animals roaming by the forest. The construction of a sauna house is definitely worth considering.

Smoke sauna

Temperature approx. 60 ° C – 70 ° C.
Humidity reaches 20-30%.

Its main feature is that it is all black from the soot because as it heats, the smoke rolls from the stove to the room. As soon as the large amount of stones in the stove is heated, it will stop heating, the sauna will wash off from the soot and it can begin to sauna. Although soot is dirty, it is sterile. Today, you can still encounter such a sauna, albeit relatively rarely. Most smoke saunas are in Finland.

Russian Sauna Banja

Temperature approx. 75 ° C.
Humidity reaches 25%.

The body warms up gradually, eliminating difficulty breathing and burning the skin. Due to the constant temperature and high humidity, it is tolerable for a wider range of clients. The qualified staff of the Russian dome “bansik” massages the required parts with better-soaked blood using soaked branches (Birch, oak or eucalypt). These massages do not hurt.