Wireless remote control

The HotSpring® Wireless Control Panel is a full-color, LCD touch screen for operating all whirlpool functions and features, wireless communication with the controller, and wireless charging via the controller’s charging station. To activate each function by gently touching it, the function or element is activated when you remove your finger from the touchpad.

Setting up jets, features, lighting or music has never been easier. With the wireless remote control, you can easily switch between functions and adapt the spa to your current mood. In addition, the controls are complemented by a touch screen where you intuitively set everything you need.

Touch control:

* Whirlpool control from any location (max. Distance up to 9m)
* Alert message system
* Convenient touch control
* Check the status of the FreshWater Salt System®
* Ability to lock and unlock controls
* Music control via Bluetooth®
* Lighting settings (headlight / bolsters / water features)
* Language selection (EN / DE / SK / RU / ES / NL / FR)
* European or American interface (C ° / F °)
* Clean Cycle
* Waterproof control (IP67)
* Temperature adjustable 26 – 40C °
* Battery charged 6-8 hours of operation
* Summer mode
* Battery charge and charge indicator
* Auto brighten sensor
* Battery charged 6-8 hours of operation

The charging station will charge your touch control wirelessly.
At the same time, in the absence of your remote control, the jets and lights can be controlled using the buttons on this station.

Make the most of your relaxation in your whirlpool!