Endless Pools E2000 SwimSpa line Endless Pools Fitness System

Choice of cabinets / Dark Mocha

Alpine White / Choice of shells

Endless Pools Fitness System E2000

  • Number of persons: 4
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 610 x 226 x 132/ 147 cm
  • Weight: 1900 x 11700 kg
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  • It is a unique product for wellness, aquatic fitness, and relaxation

    Meanwhile, your wellness plan may look more like a wish list than a specific procedure. But if you want, you can reach your fitness goals and then relax in the hot water whirlpools and all in one place, right in your home.

    Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000

    offering this option, and offering you the best on-site swimming facilities along with a separate hot tub, the E2000 allows you to regulate the water temperature for both aquatic fitness and relaxation independently. We combine the ultimate Endless Pools Swim Machine® with our optional underwater treadmill, where exercise exerts minimal strain on the body and whirlpool, where you can reap the full benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation.

    Swimming, running, exercising and then relaxing, all in the privacy of your home whenever you want.

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