FreshWater™ Salt Water System

It eliminates your worries about keeping clean and well-disinfected water in hot tubs all year round. This unique system automatically generates chlorine, so you spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system facilitates hot tub operation by removing dirt and solving many water maintenance complications.

FreshWater™ Salt System defines:

  1. The more natural feeling of water – without itching, dry skin, or red eyes
  2. Fewer chemicals and no harsh odors were added
  3. Simple water care means more time to relax
  4. Water-saving and easy replacement of cartridges in 1-year pack *


The unique, patented technology makes FreshWater ™ Salt System the best saltwater system for whirlpools. The titanium cassette creates chlorine from the salt to disinfect the spa water. The control panel simply sets the system level required for water purification.

The control panel prompts you to check the water with a test strip every 10 days and adjust the system if necessary. You can also use the control panel to see when the system needs attention and instructs you what to do at the moment. It’s so easy. The disposable refill is maintenance-free and lasts for four months. With just three cartridge changes (one package content), the water stays fresh all year round.

With fewer ingredients and fewer chemicals, the spa water stays cleaner for longer. So FreshWater ™ Salt System saves maintenance time, water and money.

* Water life in whirlpools is influenced by many factors such as water hardness, chemistry used, place of use, hygiene before relaxation .. etc. When these factors are taken into account and the water is regularly checked, the FreshWater ™ Salt System will provide you with clear water all year round.